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Project Description
This Project is no longer being developed. There is agreat deal of code related to Tiled mapping written for XNA 2.0, maybe you will find it useful.

Origin of a Name
For those who are familiar with HxH the title of this project may be somewhat misleading. I was originally building this project as a HxH RPG, however I have decided to make it instead into a general purpose RPG Designer/Maker. Maybe I'll change the name at some point to something else.

Seeking Development Help
I am looking for one or two people with some C#/XNA experience who are interested in helping. Not sure if you are interested? Then go grab a copy of the source code and take a peek, see if it interests you. This project is far from ready for a release but I have gone ahead and put up the current source so you can get a taste for it.

*Tiled Map Editor
*Create TileSets from Images
*Export/Import TileSets
*Auto Tile Layers (Code is there, just needs proper connections)
*Seamless map loading in editor (Loads 4 by default, and then loads others as needed)
*Lots more in the code that still needs flushing out

One of the first things I look for on any project page, and don't feel confident about the project if I don't see them, is screenshots.

This is what the basic editing interface looks like, grid is enabled, but can be turned off.
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This is what the zones page looks like. Each zone holds 25 maps in a 5x5 grid, each map is 128x128 tiles. You create new zones as you need them wherever you need them. Currently only supports 5x5 zones. The coordinates on each zone show the zones upper left coordinate.
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This is the TileSet management screen. You can see our existing tileset in the background and the window for making a new tileset on top. Options for setting the tile width, height, vertical, and horizontal spacing are included.
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This is the create map from image feature. It still needs allot of development but basically it allows you to specify that a certain color cooresponds to a certain tile, and fill in the map accordingly.
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This is the AutoTile definition screen. Auto tiles allow you to not have to draw border and corner tiles by defining what they are ahead of time. This feature works on the back end but some of it still needs to be hooked into the editing interface.
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Full zooming support is included.
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I got allot of my graphics from The Gimp and the tile set shown in the screenshots I got from the XNA Resources TileSet Tutorial.

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